Body sculpting

Smiling young blonde woman wearing bathrobe applying facial lotion with a cotton pad while standing at the bathroom mirror

What is the process of body sculpting

Body sculpting is a process of tracking a significant loss of weight to remove skin and fat that is simple and mild, while improving the shape of inner tissues, and the result is a better appearance with a smoother shape. A severe loss of weight causes skin and tissue to often lack flexibility to match a lower body size


Who can do body sculpting

  • Adults with stable weight loss

  • People who are healthy and have no conditions or risks that increase due to process and non-smokers

  • Realistic peoples with specific goals

  • Individuals who have a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition and fitness


Areas that can be sculpted into the body

Several suggested regions, including :



Risk of surgical body sculpting

Sometimes there are complications of body carving such as any surgery, and these complications can be :

  • Bleeding

  • Infection

  • Poor wound healing

  • Blood clots and pulmonary embolism

  • Extended scars

  • Numbness or other changes in the skin

  • Dangers from anesthesia

  • Irregular sculpture

Questions you should ask before carving the body

What is the purpose of the process? Does the doctor have a license to do this type of operation? How many years of experience?

What are the expected risks? Does he have pictures before and after from previous operations?

Will you wear a bandage after the operation? When will they be removed?

When should I return to continue?

Practical steps to carve the surgical body


Medicines and drugs are given here for your convenience, and may be a local or total anesthetic, and your doctor here will choose the one that best suits you


Surgical operations in body sculpting require fairly wide cracks to remove excess skin, and some cases may be large-scale cracks. The length and shape of the incision depends on the amount and location of the excess skin to remove it, as well as the personal preference of the doctor, and the advanced techniques usually allow the incision to be placed in a way that does not appear through clothing, and the body sculpture is often carried out in several stages. The objectives set here are also best served to judge how well the process has been measured

Body sculpting results

This is a non-surgical operation so it is easy to return to normal activities, and often many people return to work after treatment is complete, and while it may take you about two years to check the excess weight, it may take you the same amount of time. To get the results you need from it completely